24 Days Of Searbella, Day 2: Christmas Memories


When it comes to Christmas, we usually think back to other christmases before then. I have so many fun memories and so for the second day of 24 Days Of Searbella, I will be sharing some of my christmas memories. 

First Christmas Memory
My first christmas memory, that I remember, is when I was around 6 or 7. We had just finish receiving gifts and eating christmas lunch and me and my cousins (who were not above the age of 5, some not even born) were making a christmas "show" for the adults, using a CD player for music. CD players, remember those?! Anyway, we finished "choreographing" the show, we dragged the adults into the living from and we performed our little show to them. Since that day, my cousins and I always did shows and dances for our parents and grandparents. We only stopped doing them because we were getting older and weren't really interested in doing them any more. 

Favourite Christmas Memory 
My favourite memory of christmas is when I was 9 and we had just moved house from the city were I was born to were I'm living now. We moved 4 days before christmas and one christmas day we left our boxed house to my grandparent's. Me and my brother stayed over at their house after christmas while Mum and Dad unpacked the house so we could just stay and play with our christmas presents. 

Least Favourite Christmas Memory
My least favourite christmas memory is when I was 11 and I didn't get anything that I wanted from 'Santa'. Yes, I know that it sounds really bad but I was 11 and it was when I thought I had been really good and when I didn't get anything that I wanted... I cried. Yes, I cried. But I'm over it now and I just hope that THIS year I will get something like Lush and if my parents are reading, take notes.

So there you have it! My memories of christmas are out there and for everyone to see! Thank you so much for reading and let me know in the comments what your favourite christmas memory is!
See you tomorrow!
Searbella xxx

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