24 Days of Searbella, Day 19: Ultimate Guide for Buying Mens Gifts


Hello everyone and welcome to day 19 of 24 days of Searbella!  

It is getting to that time of the month when you've almost finished your  christmas shopping and there are only the guys in your family left to buy for. Now, personally I find this the hardest part of christmas shopping because there really isn't anything that every guy is going to like. 

Gift Cards
Now this is probably some as no surprise but they are just a great fall back incase you can just can't find anything. Just remember to get it from a place where you think they would shop.

Hats and Caps
This is the one thing that I found that I could get that I think most teen age to early 20 year old guys would like. I personally got a flat cap because there in style right now or something?!

A Watch
A watch is something that is really nice to receive but also something you wouldn't necessarily but for yourself and you can get some really nice mens watches right now.

In my opinion, a good pear of headphones is essential for anyone and everyone. In saying that though, I usually either borrow my mum'm Beats or use the OLD apple headphones, so you know, I can't really talk. Anyway, they make a really nice present, especially if they use technology a lot or love to listen to music.

A Wallet
A wallet is another thing that is really nice to receive but something you wouldn't necessarily but for yourself. They are sort of a necessity and you could get a really nice quality one of someone you love.

A Pen
Now this is something sort of random but also a really good present. I have gotten my dad a fountain pen for christmas and he loved it. Because he signs a lot of important documents and stuff like that, so it could be a perfect gift if you dad or granddad is like that too!

There you go! That is my Ultimate Guide for Buying Mens Gifts! I really hope that this helped you guys since there is only SIX DAYS LEFT TIL CHRISTMAS!!!!! I am so excited and I hope you guys are too! 

What did you get the men in your family for christmas?
Let me and other Searbella readers know in the comments below and we can all share our ideas! 

Hoper you are having an amazing festive season and I'll see you tomorrow!

Searbella xxx

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