Summer Essentials 2016!


Welcome back! I’m sorry for sort of ignoring my little blog for a while but life got a bit hectic and I didn’t really have time to get any good content up so I hope this will make up for it...

SUMMER! It’s an amazing thing. You get to go on holidays, get tan (but I can’t tan so that’s pointless, anyway), hang out with friends and have fun! I’m lucky that I live near the beach but to be honest, I actually haven’t been to the beach in 18 months. Yes, I know, it’s disappointing but I am so busy that I just don’t have time. But I will definitely be going with my friends, but I will have to do a massive detox to be able to wear my bikinis again. Anyway, I will be going through my summer essentials for 2016.  

A Good Jumpsuit
A good jumpsuit is essential as you can wear it to almost anything as they can worn as both formal and casual. I have at least two in my wardrobe and it’s so handy. You can wear them to the beach over you swimmers, you can wear them to parties and overall, they’re great.

At Least 1 Bikini
Having a bikini is so important as a girl in summer. Even if you wear them underneath other things, they are so handy. I usually wear them just as a bikini but if I’ve just eaten a cheese and bacon burger from Grill’d (pure heaven BTW’s) then I usually wear a black or grey t-shirt over the top. It’s also important to have different types of bikinis like strapless, tie-up and halter. They can be really quite flattering if you find the right kind for you so just keep looking…

Sunglasses are one of the most important things to have in summer. They protect your eyes and keep you looking good.

Moisturizers are really important when you’re spending long hours in the sun at the beach. It keeps your skin glowing even when it’s hot.

A Diary
A diary is on my summer essentials list because you can keep all your memories and fun times in there. I already have one so I will be adding to that regularly over the summer.

A Nice Body Spray/Perfume
I believe that a nice body spray can make all the difference on the holidays. Some of my favourites are Victoria’s Secrets, Ari by Ariana Grande and Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

A Floppy Hat
A floppy hat is essential in summer as it provides UV protection and it’s also really cute on the beach.

So there are my summer essentials for 2016. I hope that has helped you in anyway possible and that you might try some of my suggestions. See you soon…
Searbella xxx

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