The Ultimate Guide to a Boho Lifestyle


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I have had a massive change of heart in terms of fashion, decor, and life style. So, I've decided to go boho. It isn't bohemian (don't worry, I won't become a hippie)and isn't really a big change. One thing I can't wait to do is go shopping for really cute maxi dresses  and off the shoulder matching sets (this is getting me way to excited). I have been planning to change my style of r a while now but the thing is, I didn't actually know what I wanted to change it to. So I decided that I am going to give you a bit of a run down on what 'Boho' is and what the lifestyle is about. 

'Boho' or 'Boho Chic' means: A fashion trend that is part bohemian and part chic. It is tied to the vintage phenomenom in fashion where the trend was to bring back vintage styles for the modern era. Boho chic combines organic, colorful, detailed, folk-inspired pieces with simple, modern pieces. An example would be wearing a beaded peasant dress with a white tank top. 

The 'Boho Lifestyle' is a very joyous and adventurous lifestyle where you have a free spirit and therefor your style and diet reflect that. I am not going completely 'Boho' but I will try my hardest to!

My main tips to a Boho or Bohemian lifestyle are:
  • Find the 'right' Boho/Bohemian for you and your body type
  • Take baby steps to change to a Boho/Bohemian lifestyle
  • Ask friends and family what Boho/Bohemian fashion looks good on YOU
  • Research about Boho/Bohemian before you change incase you actually don't like it
  • You don't have to go total Boho/Bohemian if you don't want to
  • If there is a certain Boho/Bohemian style you want to wear/take on, see what you can do to change your body (please don't take this the wrong way. I am not supporting anorexia but I do support healthy diets and living therefor you can get fitter but it takes time)
  • Places I suggest to find Boho/Bohemian fashion are Mossy Boutique, White Bohemian (this one is a bit expensive)and there are so many other places, all you have to do is look!
There you are peoples! My Ultimate Guide to a Boho Lifestyle. I hope that this can help some of you if you are looking to change your style as I am so excited to start taking my 'baby steps' towards Boho! Also EXCITING NEWS!!! I am moving house very soon so expect some different post ad new room decor and things like that! Hope your having a lovely day/evening/what ever time your reading this.
Searbella xxx 


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