My First Time...


Now I know this may put you off of this post but it is nothing like what it may sound like... It is just to discuss my firsts of different things.

My First Word: My first word that I ever spoke was Mum (it was actually Mama). As explained by my mum (ironic right?) it was the easiest word to say as I was just learning how to say all they sounds of different things and it was kind of an accident, but it was still my first word.

My First Teddy: My first teddy was actually a Peter Rabbit teddy. I still have Peter (or 'P' as I called him when I was really young) in my bedroom sitting proudly (enough) in a very good condition, the only 'issue' with him is that I used to suck his ears and they are a bit stiff with toddler saliva. This is 'P': 

My First Friend: My friend, was when I was around 2 years old and we were in the same play group, I think. Her name was Ashling and we were friends for ages until she moved primary schools and then I moved cities and we haven't stayed in contact. I'm a little sad about it but all things happen for a reason...

My First Crush: My first crush was when I was 7 or 8 and I am not going to say his name because if he reads this, it could be a LITTLE bit embarrassing if I said his name. I did live in a different city to where I live now but he could be reading. We were in the same grade in school but in different classes. Another issue with this crush of mine was that our families were really close family friends because our brothers were best friends so I saw this person A LOT!

My First Kiss: My first kiss actually hasn't happened yet! I am still young so I don't expect it to happen  in the very near future. I do hope to have it by the time I am sixteen though. 

My First Celebrity Crush: My first celebrity crush was the boy who plays Peter Pan in the movie 'PAN'. His name is Levi Miller and he is so so so cute. He is an Australian actor and we are also the same age... creepy. As you can see, he is cute!
My First Blog Post: My first blog post was a really random, awkward post about some Lush products that I didn't even have! Yeah... I really didn't know what to do so that was my first blog post. I have deleted this as when I looked back on it, it made me face palm so many times I have a red mark on my forehead afterwards. 

So there are my firsts of things. I hope you found out something interesting and if you want, in the comments, leave me a question you want answered and I will be happy to answer (within reason)! Thanks for reading and I will see you soon!
Searbella xxx

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