Your Skin Never Lies...


Water is what cleanses your body. It keeps you hydrated and if you don't have enough or any at all, then you will have a head ache and bad skin. Before I started using the Body Shop Seaweed Cleansing collection as well as eating and drinking well, I had heaps of pimples all over my face. But then me and my Mum (love you Mum) went to our local Body Shop Store and kind of went all out on the skin care region. We asked the server which collection was best for pimples and combination/oily skin. They didn't recommend the Tea Tree collection because it was a little too harsh for my type of skin, so we instead got the Seaweed collection. It was all most an immediate change in my skin. The routine that I have stuck to is;
Cleans face with cleanser
Wipe face with toner on half a cotton ball
Moisturise with SPF 15 moisturiser

Cleans face with cleanser
Wipe face with toner on half a cotton ball

I also used a clay mask every Saturday or Sunday to just cleanse my face more deeply.

If a pimple is a little stubborn in leaving, then I have found a product called Spot medic and they work MAGIC!!!! All you do is apply one of the 36 gel circles (small or large, depending on the pimple size) to the pimple before you go to sleep. Once you wake up, the pimple has either disappeared or reduced drastically in size as well as less redness and pain. they work for both normal or blind pimples.
Another reasons that your pimples may not be clearing is if you are not taking your make up off before you go to sleep. It can clog your pores and create more pimples or make existing ones even worse. So ALWAYS take your make up off before you go to sleep or clean your face.

I also realised that my diet needed a bit of a clean up, so I didn't eat as much gluten and dairy as well as drinking at least 3 to 4 cups of water a day. 
It really showed in the first week how fast your skin can clear with just changing a couple of things. If you are currently struggling with bad skin and diet I really suggest to try low gluten and dairy as well as having good skin products and skin routine. It can not only change your skin but also boost your self esteem if you aren't worrying so much about your pimples and how you look at school. I hope that this can help you guys, even if it helps just one of you, it could change your school and personal life and that makes me feel so happy and proud. Lots of love,
Searbella xxx

PS. My cat decided to join me while I was taking the photos and he took quite interest in the smell of them. It was funny when he smelt them and then ran away. I guessing they don't smell so great to cats!?

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