Winter is Coming... (In Australia)


Hi guys!
So, first off thank you so much for actually reading my blog! It means so much to me and I thank you so much for that.
Second of all, Winter is COMING!!!!! This is a season that is usually quite cold and when it's cold everything becomes really cozy and warm and you take more baths and you can pull out the fluffy, winter PJ's and hot chocolate is consumed at firing rate. I personally also sometimes put my pyjamas into the tumble drier to heat them up so they were warm when I put them on.
This post is about preparing for the season to come. What looks good, make up tips and food and drinks for this freezing season.

So, with style for winter, the main objective is to stay warm (and look amazing). My main tip is to LAYER!!! Layer, Layer, Layer with cute jumpers and jackets and if winter is during Christmas time for you then I am sure there will be plenty of cute and warm Christmas jumpers to choose from. Another tip is to wear beanies and gloves! I find matching beanies and gloves really cute and warm. beanies keep your head warm and help style out a bad hair day at the same time. Gloves are a really good item to keep warmth in your hands. There are so many different styles and cuts of gloves that I am sure you can all find a style of glove that suits you and that you love.

Eating in winter is imperative! Our Bodies are naturally working harder to keep our bodies warm so that we don't die and therefor need more food to do this. Three ideas I have for really warm foods in winter are: Sticky Date Pudding, Lasagna and Pasta Bake. These are all really yummy but also high GI and full of carbs but if you have these meals for lunch or dinner, then make sure you have them in smaller portions and have fruit or low GI food as well. For drinks, an obvious one is hot chocolate and I always love a good hot chocolate after school, while watching TV or doing homework. Other drinks I love in the winter are: Tea, (this is not for me but) coffee and warm strawberry milk (which sounds amazing because I have never actually tried this). These all are/could be amazing for winter and they are sure to keep you warm in the cold.

Make Up: 
In winter, two key things to do is to moisturize every morning and night and to also to use primer when applying your make up for school or for everyday life. The style I like to follow when applying make up for evenings in winter is to have a really light eye but a berry or brown lip which will style out the light eye and make the look work!

So, there are my winter tips and tricks but also a couple of my favourite treats for the freezing season. Tell me in the comments what your favourite thing about winter is because I would love to know...
❤ Searbella

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