If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade...


 This quote got me thinking... Everyone who can have WiFi (I can't live without this 😭), a phone or anything that we take for granted, not everyone in this world has. All these things can make us unhappy or forget that others don't have it as good as us. BOTH my parents believe in being grateful for everything we have because we are all so lucky. They have said for I think, like, ever ' Have an Attitude of Gratitude'. I know, I know it's sooooo cheesy but it's true, you need to have that attitude so that when your older (or now...) and you have kids, you can teach them that it is better to be thankful than greedy. So, If life gives you something bad or even horrible... make the most if it and you will always look back a feel like you had a better experience than someone who just cruised through it. To sum it up... When life gives you something bad or even horrible (lemons), make the most of it and do something great with it (lemonade). 
What bad thing has happened to you? Did you make the most of it?
TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS 'CAUSE I THINK I'M TALKING TO AIR!!!! So any way, tell me in the comments because I would really like to know.
❤ Searbella x
(Sorry for the unusual post and I will get back to the beauty stuff on the next post!) 

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