I thought that I would share the one thing that I have now done for 11 YEARS!!!! Yes, 11 years, and it's called dance. At the age of around 2 and a half, I started baby ballet! Now the reason that I did this is because 1. I couldn't sit still and 2. I had been watching the Barbie Swan Lake for the last 6 months and I had a little black Tutu that I would attempt to dance in while watching my idol, Barbie dance way better than I did. Once I was around 5 or 6 I started doing other styles like tap and jazz. In 2011, we moved somewhere else and we found a dance school that was really good. I progressed so quickly because other wise I wouldn't have kept up with the others. Now, I do 12 and a half hours a week and do competitions and all is good! I am preparing for my first competition of the year which is in 3 weeks! We are competing in tap, contemporary, lyrical, jazz and musical theatre. I am so excited and I promise to post some photos of the day! This is one day that I can go all out when doing my makeup instead of just doing really dulled down for school. I also do musicals at my school and below is a photo of me onstage in last year's musical. Tell me in the comments if you do a co-curricular activity outside of school or work. I would love to know what you get up to  after work hours.

This is me on stage dancing and singing with everyone else. I am in the front row and loving life ❤
Searbella xoxo

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